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Yours Waddling

Sunday, 7 October 2012


Hello there,

It's been an awful long time since I last posted on this blog. The thing is, I forgot to post two years ago that I was no longer continuing this blog, so sorry to anybody that commented since and was completely ignored!

The truth is that I stopped playing Club Penguin a long time ago and I still don't have the time to constantly be playing and blogging (in the two years I've been away I have passed my GCSEs and started my A Levels). I still have many fond memories of my days on Club Penguin and blogging about it so I will keep this up as a reminder of what was a really enjoyable experience for me.

Thank you to everyone that has ever visited this blog and even more to those who have read and commented on my posts over the years. Let this be the final goodbye that I should have said two years ago :)

Yours Waddling

Thursday, 15 July 2010

New Pin - Tambourine Pin!

There's a new pin out in Club Penguin, the Tambourine Pin! :D

Find it in the Lodge Attic, on the sofa:

It's the same as the one in the Instruments catalog!

:D Is it just me or have a lot of pins been in the Ski Lodge recently?

Yours Waddling

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Another Sneak Peek Update!

Another Stamp Thingy has been revealed!

That looks like a penguin playing Dance Contest! Could these all be games? Well, lets see what ideas other Club Penguin bloggers have!

"From all the information we have gathered so far, I think these are going to be stamps/stickers you will collect when completing games!"

"Looks like they are stamps for the MAIL! I think that when you send a postcard, you will now be able to CHOOSE your stamp! :)"

"I Wish that these Stamps will be collected in a Book just that Badges are in Pixie Hollow OR that they can be used as Pins on our Player Card :)"

I personaly think that Edster and Saraapril both have AWESOME ideas! At first I thought they were gonna be about games just like Mimo, but then I saw that on the post, Billybob mentioned that there is going to be a LOT of them but there aren't that many games compared to the number of pins!

Oh and by the way, sorry if I have broken any of your copyright rules Mimo, Saraapril and Edster, if you like comment and tell me off I will take it down!

Click here to checkout Mimo's Blog!
Click here to checkout Edster's Blog!
Click here to checkout Saraapril's Blog!

Yours Waddling

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Reviewed By You: Dance Styles!

Time for another Reviewed By you! Last week we were asked what our favourite dance style was and Lawain said:

Well, i like to make my own dance style, and i cant do this without my friends, cuz they love to dance! We love to swing our hands in the air and sing along to our favorite songs! We also love to breakdance so that the crowd will be amazed! We also love to combine dances to see how many possibilities there are to dance! We love to boogie to the beat, stomp our feet, and have a little treat afterwards!

For next week Billybob wants to know, When you're in a band, what's your favourite role to play?

Write your Reviewed By You answer as a comment in 50 - 75 words and Club Penguin will post one in next week's Reviewed By You! Also, if your comment is chosen and posted on next week's blog, you will get 10,000 coins added to your Club Penguin account so make sure you put your penguin name!

Kewl! My favourite role in a ban in Club Penguin is usually Base Guitar!
Yours Waddling

New Treasure Book - Series 9!

The new Treasure Book is out, Series 9! If you don't know, the Treasure Book is a secret catalog of old and never before seen Items that you can access by entering a Toy Code and every time a new series of Club Penguin Toys is released, a new Treasure Book is too! Here it is:

The Treasure Book Series 9!

The Teasure Book
This is a special book, unlike any you'll find in Club Penguin.
Inside these pages you will unlock an extraordinary collection of exclusive items and long-time favourites.

The Spikester
Star T-Shirt
Black Sneakers

Sports stuff!

The Funster
Green Cheerleader
Red Football Helmet
Red Football Jersey

Also, click the cheerleader's nose/beak to reveal...

The White Pompoms!

Time for Stage Items! As always, it's Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal :)

Squidzoid Costume
Blue Superhero Mask
Blue Cape
Shadow Guy Costume

Also, click Shadow Guy's lazer thingy to reveal...

The Gamma Gal Costume!

Pink Superhero Mask
Pink Cape
Gamma Gal Costume

Now for Medieval Costumes!

Princess Hat
Fairy Wings
Magic Wand
Princess Costumes
Blizzard Wizzard Hat
Crystal Staff
Blizzard Wizzard Robe

Also, click the crystals on the wizard's staff to reveal...

An Amethyst Princess!

Amethyst Hat
Amethyst Dress

Wow! Nice costumes! :D

Ladybug Antennae
Ladybug Costume
Ladybug Shoes
Lobster Costume

Also, Click the Lobster's eye to reveal...

The Explorer Outfit!

Safari Hat
Beige Explorer Outfit

Finially the Exclusives!

The Rustic
Green Checkered Tote
Pink Rustic Tunic and Skirt
Brown Canvas Shoes
Blue Stripe Fedora
Blue Trendy Shirt

Hey wait, haven't I seen this before? That's it! The Exclusive Page is exactly the same as the recycling Page in the Gift Shop Catalog! And it's exactly the same except the colours are different! How lazy could Club Penguin get?!?!

Ohh the Super Exclusives! These can only be unlocked if you enter enough toy codes so I'll show you them revealed when I get the picture!

Puffles! :) Even non-members can unlock these!

Blue Puffle
Black Puffle
Pink Puffle
Orange Puffle
White Puffle
Purple Puffle
Green Puffle
Yellow Puffle

Coins! You can get 500 coins but I reccomend that you don't pick this because 500 coins is easy to get and Toy Codes are generally expensive!

Well, all in all I am pretty dissapointed with this Treasure Book, not only because I already have most of the things in it, but also because the Exclusives are not up to scratch I mean, exactly the same as the gift shop except diffrent colours!

Yours Waddling

Sneak Peek Update

Remember that Sneak Peek Billybob gave us of the new collectibles coming soon? Well on the post, the picture has been updated with one of the stamp things filled with a picture of the crab in Aqua Grabber! Take a look:

This must mean that over time, all the stamp things will be filled in and then they will be launched to be collected! AWESOME!

Also, Click Here to see Billybob's post!

Yours Waddling

New DJ3K Records!

The DJ3K catalog has been updated with three new Records!

You can find the DJ3K Games on Site Catalog in the Dance Club by the DJ3K game

The three new records are:

House Blend - 75 Coins
Desi-Bel - 75 Coins
Reggaetron - 75 Coins

I've tried them out and they are all pretty AWESOME! :D Just play DJ3K and you will be able to use them!

Yours Waddling

New Field-Op #5!

There's a new Field op for all EPF agents! When you log in, click on your Spy Phone and then on the Field op Button (the one with the target) and then click 'go there' on this screen:

You will be teleported directly to the EPF Headquarters! Click the Field-Op screen (the yellow one on the right)

Oh no! We have to save the Music Jam from an evil microphone! If you are brave enough, click 'Accept Field-Op'! :)

The Microphone is in the Forest, walk up to it and...

Your Spy Phone will vibrate! Click it to start the Field-Op!

What you have to do is match up the diffrent shapes of the wires to overload the circuits in a certain amount of time! When you're ready click 'Engage'!

When you complete it, you will recieve a Medal for your hard work!

These medals can be used to buy Elite Gear if you are a member or Starter Gear if you are not :)

Hmm I hope the next Field-Op is different, this is getting a bit boring now :/

Oh and By the way, sorry for taking aaageessss with this post, I got up late this morning and had to rush for school!

Yours Waddling

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Interview with Billybob!

Mimo found this interview with Billybob about Club Penguin! Billybob's real name is Lane Merrifield and if you don't know, he's a Moderator and Co-founder of CP! Here is the whole interview:

Meet Lane Merrifield of Club Penguin

Lane Merrifield is one of three co-founders of Club Penguin, one of the largest and fastest-growing virtual worlds for children. Since Club Penguin’s inception, Lane has led the management, operations and business strategy for Club Penguin out of the company’s headquarters in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Lane also oversees development for all the Walt Disney Company’s virtual worlds.

Lane helped develop and launch Club Penguin in 2005 and played an integral role in its phenomenal growth and success.

Lane kindly answered our questions about the popular site.

When you founded Club Penguin, did you have a specific child in mind that you were targeting?
"Yes, myself and co founder Lance had children of similar ages and, between ourselves and our other co-founder Dave, we had many, many nieces and nephews. We wanted to create a safe, ad-free, online playground for them to play in."

Why did you choose a penguin as your character?
"We chose penguins to start with as we liked the idea that penguins live in groups and have to work together in order to get things done, be safe and thrive. Lance, who did the original design, will tell you that penguins are also really easy to animate!"

Which is the most popular game on Club Penguin?
"I don’t have a statistical breakdown for the UK but, anecdotally, it’s the new EPF (Elite Penguin Force) Field Ops - part of our popular secret agent programme which really encourages and promotes a strong sense of stewardship and responsibility for the community of Club Penguin by allowing players to become members of the EPF and fulfil missions to protect the virtual world."

What percentage of parents, in your experience, have any idea of what is on CP?
"We really wanted to build a world that offered fun for kids and peace of mind for parents. I would say that more than half of the parents I meet tend to have a really good understanding of what is on Club Penguin. This is especially true if they have more than one child on the site as you’ll find that the older child will help their younger siblings."

"For parents who do want to know more, we have a special section on the site for parents as well as some great parent tools, including a timer feature which allows mom or dad to set the time of day and duration of their child’s visit to Club Penguin."

What’s the maximum target age of CP and, once children reach that, which website(s) would you recommend they gravitate to?
"CP is designed for children aged 6-14. We do have grand parents and parents who come in world to see what it’s all about or to play games with their kids if they are in different locations. As an example, when I’m away travelling I’ll meet my son sometimes in CP and throw snowballs with him!"

"Club Penguin is designed purely for play - kids of this age tend to want to play together rather than socialise with each other and share photos and discuss events in their lives in the way that we do as adults. Older teens' behaviour reflects adult behaviour - they want to share more and express who they are which may be why social networking sites such as Myspace and Facebook have been so successful amongst teenagers. Independence is important for teens but that doesn’t stop us from wanting to make sure they are safe.

"The UK Council for Child Internet Safety, Childnet and Child Exploitation and Online Protection have great online guidance, information and resources for children and parents."

So penguins are easier to animate! :D Billybob also said that Club Penguin is made for 6-14 years but I'm 14 now and I don't plan on quitting anytime soon, Club Penguin is AWESOME!!

Click here to see the interview on ukparentslounge.com

Also, If you hadn't noticed, I have taken down the SWF page for editing and put up a new page where I get interviewed by some strange person! (Pages are the links under the header at the top of the blog)

Yours Waddling

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Something coming soon!

AWESOME news! Billybob had released a sneak peek of something coming soon! He says that there will be a brand new feature and that we need to collect them! Here's the sneak peek:

They kinda look like stamps, or even badges, perhaps they could be just like pins? I don't know this is exciting stuff!

Click here to see Billybob's post!

Yours Waddling

Friday, 9 July 2010

New Music Jam Start Page!

There's a new start page for the Music Jam!

Members - Your pass means more places to party!

I won't make a post about the new newspaper but I will update all the catalog links in the sidebar very soon!

Yours Waddling

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Music Jam 2010!

W00t!! The Music Jam is finially here and i'm telling you now, it's AWESOME!! :D
But really there is soo much stuff going on including 4 extra rooms, 9 stages and lots of items! Here is everything in one post:

First of all, the homepage!

Town: Next is the town with loads of decorations, baloons, lights and even busking areas!

Coffee Shop: Wow! The Coffee Shop has been transformed into a restuarant and huge stage for getting in the mood with the Blues (get it?) :D

Night Club: Time for some disco! Even the floor is getting into the mood, spelling out something I can't quite read...

Dance Lounge: The Dance Lounge has been turned into a huge recording studio with the latest technology in AWESOMENESS! Also if you have a backstage pass (available for members from the Ski Village and Snow Forts) you can get to the Rooftop!

Rooftop: The Night Club Roof first became available at the Members party, along with the Boombox, and now they're back! You can also change the music by clicking the mixing station on the left! If you dance wearing only the boombox, your penguin will breakdance!! :D

Snow Forts: The Battle of the bands! The more penguins playing instruments on the stage and that colour wins! Also, from the Snow Forts you can also get to the Music Maker 3000!

Also, if you are a member, click the sovenir stand to access some kewl T-shirts and the All Access Pass! And from the Snow Forts you can also get to the Music Maker 3000!

With the All Access Pass you can access the Backstage, Casa Fiesta and the Rooftop! But you need to be a member though :(

Stadium: The Stadium is now home to a small rock stage!

Music Maker 3000: A new room especially for the Music Jam! Stand on any of the colours on the floor to play huge instruments, and work with other penguins to make some music!

Plaza: A few decorations here but there is a giant Elvis Puffle, Drummer Mask and Rocker Pizza!

Pizza Parlor: :D Lots of stuff on the walls and even a huge snow plow sticking out on the left!

Forest: It's Country & Western time! Grab your spurs and cowboy hats and get the music going!

Cove: Get Jammin' at the Cove with some tropical decorations and even a huge palm tree!

Also, click on the crate full of headphones to get...

The Blue Headphones! :D Last year they gave away green ones!

Iceberg: Come and see the famous Penguin Band in action at the Lighthouse! Oh, did I tell you that the Penguin Band members Stompin Bob, G-Billy, Petey K and Franky sometimes go to the Backstage during the Music Jam? :D

Ski Village: Woah! A huge new building has been added for the party!! But you can only get in there if you have an All Access Pass :( There is also a Souvenirs stand the same as the one in the Snow Forts where you can buy a Pass and T-Shirts!

Casa Fiesta: Time for the Casa Fiesta! If you throw a snowball it will become confetti and play an instrument or just click on the ones around the stage to hear it! You can also access the backstage from here!

Beach: Here is the pop stage and a HUGE painting on the lighthouse!!

Lighthouse: In here, if you play an instrument you can hear it! Before now you couldn't hear the Keytar or the Accordian but now you can! The only problem is that they both sound like the Bass Guitar :/

Dock: Finially we get to the Dock, where the main stage is! This stage changes every day to a different type of music! Also you can reach the Backstage from here!

Backstage: If you buy an All Access Pass from one of the Souvenir stands in the Ski Village or the Snow Forts, you can get behind the scenes and enter the Backstage!

Click the crate on the bottom right to recieve a Members only free item, the Music Jam Shirt!

Also you can buy some instruments by clicking the box on the bottom left...

Conga Drums - 300 Coins
Tuba - 600 Coins
Blue Electric Guitar - 550 Coins

If you dance wearing nothing except an instrument, you will play it! And keep checking back because there will be more instruments to buy on July 15th!

Mine: Yes there is even more in the mine! In here you can play music with the icicles and play a game by clicking on the green button in the bottom right! What you have to do is wait and watch the ice blocks as they light up and then click to follow the pattern!

Cave: In here there is a huge floor piano, simply waddle onto it to start playing! With the switch on the right you can choose between solo, where you can only hear what you do or multi where you can hear what everyone else is playing!

And finially, if you click on the the sign in the bottom right of the Town or the Plaza, it'll come up with this message:

Click go there at be taken to the Ski Village so you can go to the Casa Fiesta!

So! How much AWESOMENESS was that? I told you there is SOOO much to do!! And what do you think of the post? It's pretty long because it was the post for my return!

Yours Waddling